電話:0512-65471313 傳真:0512-65934826 網址:www.bau-im-bild.com 地址:蘇州工業園區婁葑鎮東富路8號東景工業坊15號
全國統一服務熱線 0512-65471313
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One administrative assistant is limited to female

College degree or above, 22-48 years old, good appearance, basic understanding of English, familiar with computer software, graduated from machinery, electronics, sales, finance and other majors is preferred.




There are no restrictions on 5 apprentices

18-40 years old, mainly operate CNC machining center, CNC lathe, milling machine, lathe and other mechanical equipment, processing hardware parts and other products.



Three, two inspectors are limited to female

25-45 years old, mainly for the company's hardware products simple routine measurement, fill in the test report and other relevant information, no professional work experience, recruitment of this post is interested in professional guidance and training, and good stability, permanent residence in suzhou is preferred.


傳  真:0512-65934826

手 機:13812622258

網  址:www.bau-im-bild.com

地  址: 蘇州工業園區婁葑鎮東富路8號東景工業坊15號

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